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The fact that quality comes with a certain price tag is usually considered perfectly logical. But it’s still important to know what a price is based on and what the differences are compared to similar brands. How do products differ from each other and what factors can you consider yourself in order to judge the price?

Always tensioned
A high-quality parasol comes equipped with tension springs. These are integrated springs at the end of the rib to which the canvas is attached. The canvas is tensioned during production, but these springs ensure that the canvas is always taut. When the parasol has been out in the rain, the canvas can stretch slightly due to the weight of the moisture. The tension springs then ensure that the canvas remains taut. As soon as the canvas dries, it shrinks slightly and the springs adjust. A parasol without springs also works fine but can bend over the years because it is not kept tensioned.

High-quality sun protection canvas meets the following 3 requirements: it has a colour guarantee of 4 years, is waterproof, and is UV-resistant. The high-quality O’Bravia canvas more than meets these requirements and is available in a wide range of modern colours. A canvas of lower quality is cheaper but often discolours within a year. Perhaps that sounds familiar; your black parasol has already turned purple after just a few months (possibly with white stripes). This quality canvas is often not waterproof or UV-resistant, which means that you can get a sunburn if you sit under this canvas on a sunny day. You can check this by asking the seller about the material of the canvas and the colour guarantee you get with it. With a colour guarantee of 4 years or more, you can expect good quality.

From the front to the back, from left to right
A high-quality parasol can often be used in more ways than just statically. The cantilever models, in particular, can rotate around their axis, are tiltable and in some cases can even tilt sideways. This allows you to create shade in every conceivable situation, which allows you to closely follow the sun’s path and get the maximum benefit from your purchase.

Wind resistance
The wind resistance of each high-quality parasol is extensively tested – in strong gusts, balmy summer breezes, and even quite strong winds. This is tested when the parasol is horizontal and in the open position. When the parasol is tilted (which is possible with the Cielo, Laterna, Fratello and Palestro Pro parasols, for example), the indications as given in this article; https://parasols.eu/everything-need-know-parasols-wind/ do not apply.

A high-quality parasol frame is made of aluminium and is light, durable, and has a 2-year warranty. The material thickness is a good indication of the quality, it is also important to pay attention to the materials used for the moving parts. If they are also made of aluminium, the product is usually of higher quality than with plastic parts. In addition, aluminium is recyclable. It is a durable material that can be reused endlessly. The O´Bravia canvas of the Solero Parasols is also 100% recyclable, which we (especially as a Trees For All business partner) are very excited about. With a Solero Parasol, you’re helping the environment without even realising it.

Solero products in stock
To ensure that you can be helped quickly with a problem, it is wise to check whether the supplier has stock for the parasols, as well as the canvases, covers, and parts. That way you will always be helped quickly and you will never have to wait for a solution on a sunny day. Solero has all its products and parts in stock, so delivery is quick and we can always find a suitable solution for your outdoor.

Protective cover
Prevention is always better than cure, which is why Solero supplies protective covers free of charge with the purchase of a new parasol. This keeps the canvas in top condition for years, especially when you are not using it. Make sure the canvas on your parasol is always dry before you store it in the protective cover. You can expect a free cover to come with your parasol when you buy from the better parasol brands. If it is optional, we always recommend using the cover.

If you’d like advice on purchasing a parasol, please e-mail us for additional information at info@parasols.eu or call us on +31 499 37 53 27

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