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Sustainable development and environmental awareness are anchored into our organizational philosophy. All our parasols, including their cloth coverings, are made of 100% recyclable material. Our entire product range of parasol heaters has been selected with sustainability and conservation in mind.

Watching out for the environment
The cost of energy is ever-increasing and so is the social focus on our environment. We have therefore chosen to offer the Solamagic ECO+ product range. These heating systems combine shortwave infrared technology with the best reflectors the industry has to offer, allowing for a great energy input/output ratio. The energy costs benchmark is more than 50% lower in comparison to other systems. The energy cost of a Solamagic 1400 ECO+ heater, for example, is around €0.28 per hour. Which heater forms the best match with your terrace depends on several parameters. Please find some brief information about the different heaters we have to offer:

Parasol heaters

Solamagic P1 Solamagic P2 Solamagic rib holder
Perfect heaters for the hospitality industry. The heaters are equipped with flexible assembly kits, suited for parasol masts with a diameter between 45 to 85 mm.

Solamagic 1400 ECO+

Solamagic 1400 ECO+
The most sold heater to mount on a wall. This terrace heating is delivered with a mounting bracket and can be used with a pressure or pull switch. These heaters can be used on or in your terrace, garden, balcony, porch, sunshade or awnings.

Solamagic 2000 ECO+
Solamagic 2000 ECO+
Our all-round top model. This can be used as terrace heating, or for commercial use. It’s flexible, and able to be used with a tripod. Great on large terraces, industrial buildings and balconies, and in the hospitality industry.

Do you want to find out more about parasol heaters or terrace heating? Please call or mail us to find out all there is to know!

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