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starting from: €1840,-

100% Solero O’Bravia, 300 g/m2, Colour fastness 7-8 (with 4 years warranty), Water column 300mm.
Solero Accento® click-on light, and protection cover included.
Delivery time: 2 to 7 business days.

Eat, drink, talk, play, enjoy, that’s what your garden is for. The Palestro does it all. This large garden parasol turns over your dining table, over the lawn for your children and above the terrace to linger in the evening. And of course its fully kid-proof, as it is securely mounted with its ground anchor.

A free-standing parasol for the whole family
A sleek design that fits in every garden. The large 400x400cm cloth ensures that everybody can finds their favorite shady spot. Its robust design ensures it can stand rough handling and it also has Solero’s fade-resistant cloth that looks brand new for years. The Palestro is an for the entire family and quickly becomes an indispensable part of the garden.
The free-standing Palestro parasol is equipped with hydrophobic and fade resistant Solero O’Bravia cloth!

Multifunctional, yet simple
Large and beautiful doesn’t need to be complex. The Palestro proves this with its ingenious rotation mechanism and smooth winch that easily turns and tilts every way you want. You always enjoy your Palestro.

Rectangular Palestro
Because of the popular Palestro 4×4, last year we added another size of the Solero Palestro, the 3×4. This size seemed to be a frequently asked for one because of the size of the outdoor dining table most customers own. Where 4×4 seems to be rather huge, the 3×4 provides a lot of space, but looks slightly smaller, which leads to more space – what most customers prefer. While keeping our high quality in mind, we proudly present this new size, the Solero Palestro 3×4m.

A large parasol in your garden

The biggest advantage of a large garden parasol is the enormous amount of shade it provides. Not only is this nice for the temperature, your skin will thank you later! The damaging UPF does not get a chance to hurt your skin as fast as it can without a large garden umbrella. So when using a sunblock in combination with a parasol, you can relax while your children play in the garden, without worrying about their health or your own.

And let’s be honest, the only possible way to relax is knowing that everything is taken care of. That’s where we come in. Solero provides you with a garden parasol, and by doing so, you can relax in peace.

The Palestro parasol is available in the fade-resistant cloth colors below:




platinum grey




pearl white

(your computer screen might display colors slightly different.)

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