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Obviously the first purpose of a Solero parasol is creating a great place for you to spend time outside of the sun or rain. Do you want to spend some more time outside after a great dinner or to finish that book you’re reading? Our parasol lighting will make for a great addition to your garden or business! Please find some examples of our fantastic luxury parasol lighting below:

Solero Lux
Solero Lux is a type of wireless LED lighting you can affix to the ribs of your parasol. The following items will be included in your set:

1x Solero Lux manual
4x Solero Lux LED strip with 27 LEDs per strip
4x 3M adhesive strips with following measurements: 2cm wide x 40cm long
4x Lux charging cable
1x Lux four-way USB charger

The wireless Lux can be used under the Solero Parasols with the waterproof O’Bravia canvas. Once the parasol is closed, we recommend you remove the Lux from beneath the parasol. The Magnetico has up to 30,000 burning hours and is dimmable.

Solero Accento
They’re rechargeable, wireless, functional and provide a great atmosphere. This is what Accento parasol lighting has to offer! Upon your order of the Cielo or Laterna parasols, receive this lighting free of charge with your delivery! Of course, you can also order it as an extra with the Teatro, Patio and Prostor parasols.

Furthermore, you can easily lighten up your own parasol with the Solero Accento. This parasol lighting can be easily clicked onto your parasol. With its 24 sustainable LED-lamps integrated in its luminaire you’ll have great ambient lighting that provides enough light to still read a book comfortably. A nice extra is that you can have the Accento shed its light both upwards as well as downwards. Whether you’re using your parasol to protect against the sun or a short summer rain, the Soler Accento will brighten a dark space and will offer great exposure for every parasol! Another big plus of these high-end LED-lights is that they offer over 30,000 operating hours, and don’t get hot. This means you won’t have to change the lights or have a fire hazard. The parasol lighting can be easily recharged with its charger pack, which is of course delivered to you with the lighting itself.

The Soleco Accento can be used for all parasols with a pole diameter of 34 up to 50mm and comes in an classic silver finish. A trendsetting lighting system which has been copied many times by other manufacturers, but has never been equaled! The lighting comes with a full 3 year guarantee (keep your receipt!). Please read the enclosed manual!

Looking for more information? Please call or mail us for personal advice!

Solero accento rechargeable parasol light
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