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starting from: €299,-

100% Solero O’Bravia, 300 g/m2, Colour fastness 7-8 (with 4 years warranty), Water column 300mm.
Protection cover included.
Delivery time: 2 to 7 business days.

A parasol that lives up to its name, the Sublimo has a contemporary and sleek design with beautiful lines that instantly add a new dimension to your garden, balcony or terrace. This trendy parasol is equipped with four crossed ribs and is incredibly easy to operate. The Sublimo truly stands out in the crowd.

Outstanding and cool
Each Solero parasol has its own character, and that certainly goes for the Sublimo. It’s sleek, modern and has a characteristically headstrong appearance. Using the unique push-up system, the Sublimo is opened in seconds, after which you find yourself relaxing in the shade below the fade resistant square cloth measuring 200 x 200 cm. The Sublimo is for sublime relaxation with our special Solero O’Bravia cloth, made of premium high-quality fade resistant material.

Sublime in every aspect
Every metal part of the Sublimo is anodized. With a special treatment, the metal is equipped with a slightly glossy layer that looks great and protects against corrosion, along with wear and tear.

The Sublimo parasol is available in the fade-resistant cloth colors below:

platinum grey






off white







(your computer screen might display colors slightly different.)

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