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Aluminium:  a tongue twister for many, an element with atomic number 13 for a scientist and the material high-qualitative parasols are made from, for Solero.

Blast from the past
A brief history lesson shows that Humphry Davy discovered aluminium in 1807 and named the material alumium. It then took 79 years for electrochemical production of this metal to become possible on a large scale, something that we can thank the Hall-Héroult process for. This process is named after Charles Martin Hall and Paul Héroult, who both discovered this process simultaneously yet independently from each other in 1886.

Let’s leap forward; nowadays aluminium gets used on a large scale (including use at Solero) because the material is exceptionally light and sturdy, it does not rust and it is recyclable.

Weight and power
By using aluminium, Solero parasols are both light and sturdy. This has multiple advantages; for you, the consumer, the parasol is easy to lift and to move, additionally it is very sturdy. Because of its light weight, the parasol is easy to move per transporter and more loads can be transported per vehicle. That means there is a higher and more efficient load use. This saves space, weight and also fuel costs.

Rust free
Aluminium has a high corrosion-resistance because of its protective oxidised layer that originates on aluminium by itself. This layer protects the aluminium from the open air. Solero strengthens this process by anodising the aluminium. This means we artificially add another oxidised layer by means of an acid bath. We then get a natural layer that is even stronger, causing rust to be something from the past.

Beautiful inside and outside
Aluminium is a naturally beautiful material. In addition, it does not exude any toxic substances, which means it can even be used for packaging food products. There has been plenty of research so far aimed at excluding any danger, and anno 2017 the material is still found to be completely safe.

100% recyclable
The best thing about aluminium, to us, is that it is 100% recyclable. It is a sustainable material that can be re-used infinitely. The same goes for the O’Bravia sunscreen of the Solero Parasols, this is also 100% recyclable – something we are rather proud of. When you choose for a Solero Parasol, you (in)directly choose for environment friendliness.

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