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Unfortunately, it can unexpectedly happen that one of our parasols needs maintenance, in practice it can occur that the trucks while loading and unloading, don’t see the parasol and hit it. Often it then is the case to replace the concerned rib, or to bend the mast back, or to replace it for a new one.

In some cases, such a reparation is easily done yourself, to make it easier we have made several reparation video’s for this, which you can watch down below. For each reparation you will need several tools, which we have listed below the video. If you have two left hands, we can do the execute the reparation for you. Even with two right hands you can always call us for advice or tips, we are happy to telephonically guide you.

We keep all parasol parts in stock for you, we even still have cloths in our warehouse of parasols that we sold 12 years ago. May you need part then you can always enquire about it, and we will send a quote with a clear summation of the parts. The parts we deliver are specific for our own Solero parasols and will not fit on parasols of other sellers, the same goes for the cloths. If you have a square parasol of 300x300cm of brand ‘x’, then the chance is very big that our Solero cloth of 300x300cm will not fit on the frame, the cloth will hang loosely or not fit around the ribs.

Naturally we offer an extensive warranty on our products, as buyer you will receive a warranty on the product for fabrication error for a period of two years. For the color fastness of the cloth you will receive a warranty for a period of 4 years. The warranty is not valid in cases of misuse, neglect, vandalism, wrong installation, accidents, exposure to abnormal weather conditions or other causes which Solero does not recognize as a defect. The warranty is valid if the cloth discolors within 4 years, or if you discover a fabrication error while unpacking your parasol.

We do not offer a warranty for our protective covers, since this is impossible as the covers are exposed to every weather circumstance for 24 hours a day, any product suffers under these circumstances. Acid rain and strong winds will damage the protective covers, unfortunately this cannot be prevented or stopped. The protective cover prevents the parasol cloth from being damaged which results in the cloth being in optimal condition for many years, it is therefore recommended to replace a protective cover when needed, this is a small investment for the preservation of your parasol cloth. As existing Solero-customer, you will get a small reduction for this. Contact us for more information.

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