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Make Summer last
Solero parasols are firstly meant to provide a comfortable spot out of the sun. However, Solero has whole lot more to offer. As soon as the sun starts to set you can turn on your parasol lighting or heater, while the heat of the sun is maintained by the cloth for a long time. This assures that you’ll be able to comfortably enjoy those nice, long summer evenings.

Seperately highlighted
With the floating parasols Cielo and Laterna you will receive a free wireless Accento click-on lighting system. More information about our wireless parasol lighting can be found on this page. The Solero Accent lighting is also available with parasols with a middle pole, such as the Teatro and Patio. The options for upgrades with lighting and heating always depend on the diameter of the pole and the way the parasol is constructed. We offer several types of heaters and lamps to provide you with a large number of options.

Mood Lighting
A new addition is the option to also light the base of your parasol. These ‘bottom mood lights’ not only offer a pleasant lighting effect, they’re also perfect to sit on!

Using the Solero accessories your summer will last just a bit longer and be a whole lot more comfortable. Please review our pages about heating and lighting. Do you want to enjoy summer at its best? Call or mail us to get some personal advice!

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