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The Internet is a great place to order new items when you feel like it and in the comfort of your home or business. It’s also a great place for companies to share information to their potential clients. National borders are irrelevant and industries profit.

Maximum transparancy
However, there’s a slight disadvantage. On the internet, things aren’t always what they seem. Because of that, we want to be very open in everything we do. This way you can rest assured that you know who you’re dealing with. The Creditsafe certificate shows that Solero finds itself in the absolute top of financial health amongst Dutch companies.

Only 3% of all companies meet these very strict criteria. A comforting thought – with us, you’ll know who you’re dealing with.  Click on the Creditsafe button below to view our financial report. All information about our parent company can be found here. Do you want to get to know us better? . Take a look at this page or contact us!

 FD Gazellen Awards Solero

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