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100% Solero O’Bravia, 300 g/m2, Colour fastness 7-8 (with 4 years warranty), Water column 300mm.
Protection cover included.
Delivery time: 2 to 7 business days.

Made up of layers, this parasol owes its name to the delicious Italian oven dish. Not only does this look good, but these layers have two special functions as well. Because there is room between the so-called multivolants, the air can easily pass through the openings. This means the Lasagna Pro stands firm, even in winds. In addition, you keep your head cool. Warm air that collects under the parasol rises up and disappears.

This breath-taking layer parasol has a diameter of Ø330 cm and is easy to operate. The cloth is always nice and tight thanks to the metal tensioners.

Breathe in, breathe out
Have you ever walked in heavy rains with an umbrella? Then you know how the wind can tug at the inside of your umbrella. If that air had a way to escape, carrying your umbrella would be much lighter. Right? The Lasagna Pro takes this into account. The parasol stays waterproof because the layers overlap.

Cut from the right wood
Aluminium may be light, strong, recyclable and pretty, it still feels different than wood. Wood is a natural product and creates a warm appearance. With a relatively low weight, it has great strength and is characteristic. A wooden parasol is a natural connection between your indoor and outdoor areas.

Runs smoothly
Just like Solero’s Patio parasol, the Lasagna Pro opens by means of a strong cord and a double pulley. Hoist the sails and enjoy your shade.

The Lasagna Pro parasol is available in the fade-resistant cloth colors below:




pearl white


platinum grey





(your computer screen might display colors slightly different.)

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