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Made up of layers, this brand-new parasol owes its name to the delicious Italian oven dish. The Lasagna Pro effortlessly combines the classic wood pole parasol with a modern multi-layer system. By leaving spaces between the overlapping strips of canvas, you sit dry in a summer shower, but carelessly and wonderfully cool when the sun is burning at full power.

The multi-layer parasol fabric ensures that the wind does not affect this shade solution. Wind is caused by differences in horizontal air pressure, after which the force and direction are influenced by the rotation of the earth and any friction with the earth’s surface. This means harder winds can occur between (especially tall) buildings.

In the Netherlands, the annual average wind speed varies between 8 km/h (2.2 m/s) inland and 20 km/h (5.6 m/s) on the coast. But there can be major differences from place to place and from day to day.

You have probably walked through a heavy rain shower with a simple umbrella before. Do you recognise the strong gusts of wind against the inside of your umbrella? In extreme cases, the umbrella even folds up, forming a bowl instead of a roof. If that wind had a way out of your umbrella, this would not happen. That is how our designers came up with the design of the Lasagna Pro.

On average, in the Netherlands, the wind is weakest 2 to 3 hours after sunrise and strongest 3 to 4 hours after the sun reaches its highest position. If there are no major weather changes are imminent, on a summer day, the strongest winds are expected around 4 or 5 in the afternoon. The wind is then 50% stronger on average than in the morning, but in the late afternoon, it weakens again. So it is nice to be able to use the Lasagna all day without worrying about its stability.

Not only does this design benefit the sturdiness of the parasol, but you benefit from it as well. Warm air rises, and it blows up through the layers. This means the air under the parasol remains colder and you enjoy optimal coolness in the shade.

Lasagna Pro is one of the first models to be executed in the limited edition colour; Spa. A colour that is midway between blue, green and grey. So for a moment, you feel like you are on holiday, but in your own backyard. Have we gotten you excited and do you want to see the Lasagna Pro in real life? Then please feel free to make an appointment in our showroom. We are happy to show you the parasol and let you try it out yourself!

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