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Pouring a ground anchor isn’t a daily chore for most people, but it is for us. During the placing of a Solero parasol, we often pour ground anchors. For that reason, we will give you some tips. This explanation is just for support, if you have any problems or questions, do not hesitate to call +31 499 37 53 27. Our mechanics can explain the process step by step where needed.

What do you need?
Measuring tape, to determine where the ground anchor should be
Traffic cones, to mark where people shouldn’t walk, especially when the concrete is still wet
A shovel or a grinder to make a hole in the ground.
Knee protectors, to protect your knees
A tub, to mix the concrete
Concrete mix, the ratios of cement to water are on the bag.
Water to make the concrete mix, and to finish off the cement with a sponge in the end
Rubber hammer, to put the ground anchor straight into the cement
Sponge, to make the cement nice and smooth in the end
Level, to determine if the ground anchor, and eventually the parasol, are straight
Spatula, to smear the concrete mix to finish it with a wet sponge in the end

Measure, to begin with, the place where the ground anchor needs to go en make sure that there is a minimum of 25cm around the place where the parasol comes.
Remove the tile and cut a hole in the ground where the ground anchor needs to go.

Dig a hole of 50-60 cm deep and 50×50 cm broad, make sure that the ground is pressed to make sure that the ground and the concrete don’t mix.

Mix the water and the concrete in the tub in the right proportions (see the instructions on the concrete mix). Mix the concrete well, to make sure that there are no dry pieces of concrete visible.

Distribute the concrete in the hole, and make sure that it is spread out. Stick the shovel into the concrete several times to make sure that there are no air bubbles, these can cause problems during the changes of temperature.

Fill the hole so that the concrete sticks out above the tiles.

Screw the screws into the ground anchor with a layer of grease and push the ground anchor into the concrete.

Hit the ground anchor into the concrete with a rubber hammer.

Check with a level if the ground anchor is straight. Finish off the excess concrete with a wet sponge and let the concrete harden for 3 days.

After these 3 days (or shorter in case the concrete mix indicated this) the parasol can be placed on the ground anchor. Always do this with 2 people, the Solero parasols look as if they can be lifted easily by one person, but it is safer to place the parasol on the ground anchor with two people. Twist the screws into place after placing, and adjust the parasol so that it stands straight.

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will happily help you further, to make sure you have many years of joy from your Solero parasol.

Ground-anchor level
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